Eileen Gu

Eileen Gu, an 18 year old skiing phenomenon, won her first gold at the Beijing Olympics this year. She scored a 94.5 in the freestyle big air competition, landing her in the top position for this category. This win resulted in the Chinese media crashing as millions of fans went online to celebrate, naming her their “snow princess”. However, there is lots of controversy concerning her representation of China. Gu is an American- born athlete, having learnt to ski on the Californian slopes of Lake Tahoe. Initially, Ms Gu started her competitive skiing career as an American, but she soon switched her affiliation and decided to represent China. Because of this, many have even gone as far as questioning her identity. She responded to these concerns by saying that she just wanted “the opportunity to help inspire millions of young people during the Winter Olympics in Beijing – my mother’s birthplace”. Despite all of this, it is clear that Ms Gu is a gifted skier and will have a bright future in the Olympic world.