The Falcon Post Mission:

  • To report and publish exemplary journalistic material that is fair, accurate and truthful in its form.
  • To inform the ISP community about life on campus, the Prague experience and significant global events; to share information about ongoing, crucial topics that affect our daily lives.
  • To update students and teachers alike on upcoming events.
  • To represent student voice and opinion, bring forward ideas of the student body and support the development of student-created projects.
  • To generate dialogue, discussion and open-minded debate that will improve and strengthen our school.
  • To “contribute responsibly to our changing world” and reach out to our “diverse community in an authentic global education” through our journalism (Taken from the ISP Mission).
  • To work in an environment where we “think critically and creatively, work cooperatively and independently, listen and communicate effectively” as well as “act with compassion integrity, respect and [build] intercultural understanding” (Taken from the ISP Mission).