Earth Day 2017!

ISP’s Earth club run by students in Upper School, its main annual event, Earth Day. Earth Day was officially celebrated around the world on Saturday, April 22nd, however, ISP celebrated Earth day on Friday, April 21st.

This year the Earth Club has brought back birds of prey to campus. A local organization which rescues and help birds of prey in the Czech Republic, every year they come and set up the birds outside on the lawn next to ISP’s cafeteria. Students, teachers, and parents were able to come out and take look at these magnificent birds. The people who are a part of the organization were happy to teach onlookers about these birds and even let people hold them. Very gently of course!

While these birds were the main attraction outside, inside there was both a ‘Falcon Fundraiser’ and bake sale being held in the cafeteria during lunch and afterschool. Baked goods were brought in and crafts made of recycled sources were also sold. All funds which were raised from the bake sale will be donated to the organization which helps provide for the birds of prey and specifically their falcon, hence the name ‘Falcon Fundraiser’.

The list of activities organized for Earth Day continue, an important one which happened last friday was an activity called ‘Food For Thought’. Food for Thought was run with 9th and 10th graders who were all placed in the blue room and were put into different groups and assigned a ‘continent’. Based on the population density of that continent, more or less people would be in that group. For example, there where more people in the Asia group rather than the North America group. These different groups would go through a series of activities, one of them being about resources. The groups with the most people would get the least amount of resources, while those with the less people would get the more resources. An example being those in the Asia group receiving one chocolate, while those in the North America would receive a whole bag of chocolates. The whole purpose of the activity is meant to mimic the inequality throughout the world related to population and the limited resources these populations receive. There is a powerful message that this activity was able to show the 9th and 10th graders how limited resources apply to things like food, medical equipment, and school supplies and how this is a problem across the globe.

All in all, this year’s Earth day was a successful event which was able to both raise money and awareness about global issues.

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