High School Girls Travel to Vienna for Friendly Tournament

From the 7th to the 8th of October, the American International School of Vienna hosted a friendly football tournament for boys and girls football as well as girls volleyball. After a long, 4-hour bus ride to Austria, the ISP girl’s football team came onto the field ready to play.

The first game on Friday was the Varsity girls. The girls came out strong and played a good match against the Vienna team, who had some really strong players. The game went well until the end of the first half, when the Vienna team had managed to score a goal. This was a let down for the ISP girls, however the girls kept pushing and the score remained 1-0 for the rest of the game. Even though it was a loss, the game was a good learning experience because the girls were able to improve and show what they have been working on during practice.

The next day the girls played the remaining two games. In the first game the junior varisity girls came out very strong scoring a goal in the first half (goal scored by Lauren Looney), making the score 1-0. Most of the playing was happening on the offensive side. The girls kept this up until the end of the second half when an unlucky goal was scored against the girls at the end of the second half, tying the game 1-1. After the game the girls left the field distraught about the tie but ready to play the final game. The team cheered on the Varsity boys who were playing in their match prior to the girls game and at their half-time the Varsity team went to warm up for their final game. The game was a tough one for the girls as the Vienna team played their strong players. The Vienna team scored two goals on the girls in the first half. In the second half, the ISP girls needed to come out better. The girls got their act together and ISP ended up playing more on the offensive side until the girls were able to score during the second half (goal scored by Lara Kellnerova). The final score ended up being 2-1.

The friendly tournament with Vienna happens every year and is always a fun experience. The girls got to know their teammates better and it was a good learning experience for the team to know their strengths and what needs improvement. The friendly tournament was good practice for the final competitive CEESA Varsity tournament, which the girls will be attending in Kiev this November.

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